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$30 free toplay at CDPoker - poker bonuses!

About $30 free toplay at CDPoker

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www.pokerinside.com is a new site that offers sponsorships to play at CDPoker, Pacific Poker, Party Poker, and Pokerroom.com.

use sign up code 20NERDS , verify your
account via text messaging with your cellphone, and pokerinside will deposit $20
into your neteller account so you can play at CDPoker. with this code, there is
no deposit necessary.


use sign up code 30NERDS , get the free $20 from
pokerinside, deposit $50 of your own money, and I will deposit an extra $10 into
your CDPoker account. You MUST use 30NERDS and make a deposit of at least $50 to
get the extra $10.
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